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          Evergreen Funnel Training webinar (120 minutes)

          Evergreen Funnel Training mindmap

          Rapid Video Script Training webinar (192 minutes)

          Rapid Video Script Template mindmap

          Rapid Video Script Template (short version)

          Short Video Script Example

          Long Video Script Example

So that’s over 5 hours of training, PLUS the mindmap summaries and video examples, all in one package.

But more importantly, you’ll get the ability to easily write any piece of copy you choose.  

Good copy can cost $5000 to get done by a professional.

But let’s say you find a great deal.  Let’s say you only have to pay $2500.

If this offer stops you – just once – from being forced to write that check, you’ve made your investment back tenfold.

But that only happens if you hit that button, and only if you hit it now. There’s never been an offer like this before.  Probably won’t ever be again.

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Create Sales Videos In Minutes And Convert Cold Traffic With Your Funnels, Using The Secrets Of Facebook’s Most Notorious Copywriter

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Tomorrow's Biggest Problem For You

The Truth:

Great Conversion Is A Lot Simpler Than They Want You To Think

Have you ever read a truly great sales page?  One where the writer seems to know you better than your mother does?

It feels like black magic.

And that’s certainly what most copywriters would have you believe.

They want you to think you need ‘natural talent’ to write copy.  They want you to think they’re magicians.

Because as long as you think that, you’ll think you’ve got no other choice than to pay $500 every time you need a page.  (And then $5000 to fix the rubbish the cheap guy gave you.)

But it’s time to let you see behind the curtain.

It’s time you discovered just how easy it is to pull your own rabbit out of that hat.

Now You Too Can Knock Out Copy Like Babe Ruth Knocked Out Home Runs… Thanks To The Copywriter Other Copywriters Talk About

He may look like a cross between a grizzly bear and the guitarist in ZZ Top, but this is one of the best copywriters alive today.

He knows more about the dark arts of persuasion than almost anyone else on the planet. He’s written for some of the biggest names online, has spoken at events across the US and has helped thousands of people sell more product, with less effort.

This is Colin Theriot, founder of the legendary Cult of Copy Facebook group.

Let’s be honest: telling everyone you’re a copywriting expert is easy.

But having 18,000 people turn to you for advice, including legends like John Carlton and Jon Benson, and top writers from Agora… 

That only happens when even the experts realise you know your stuff:

Look, you know how fast your pages are going to move.  You know you’ll have professional funnels for all your products and offers.

But none of that matters if your copy couldn’t persuade bacon to taste good.

Now maybe you’re already some kind of stealth copy genius.

More likely, you’re like the rest of us.  

You know your offer is good.  But when you try to communicate that?  You end up staring at a blank screen so hard it feels like your eyes are bleeding, and you still don’t have a first draft.

And EXCLUSIVE To Convertri Customers, Colin’s Agreed To Reveal His Persuasion Secrets At A Huge Discount

Colin’s copywriting training is universally regarded as some of the best in the world.

And it’s not just because of his reputation.

It’s because he knows how to take the concepts it takes most copywriters years to learn, and explain them in a way you just get, right away.

That moment is like someone kicking a door open in your head.  

Suddenly, good copywriting doesn’t seem like magic.  

When you know all the right structures to use, when you know how to get inside your prospect’s head, when you know how to tell the story that doesn’t just make them want your product but makes them think they always did…

That’s when you know your business is about to get a lot bigger, very fast.

Right Here, You Can Get Two Courses Which Are Responsible For Making Their Users MILLIONS Of Dollars Richer

Between them, you’ll be able to cover the entire sales process.

Your sales copy.  Your opt-in page.  Your e-mail sequences.  Your video.

Everything in your sales funnel is covered.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to approach

every bit of copy you write.  


Great copy doesn’t just work once.  Great copy works again and again and again,

This training deals with the holy grail of online marketing.  How to convert cold traffic.

You’ll discover how to write your copy at every stage of the process.  How to reel them in, warm them up and make them thank you when they push the buy button.

And because this is evergreen copy, it isn’t the route to a quick cash injection.  It’s the route to a business.


What’s the best kind of sales video?  The one you can record off-the-cuff in fifteen minutes… and still have one of the highest converters on the block.

Forget the expensive production companies and sixty-minute scripts.  Know the secrets revealed here, and you can record your next video with a smartphone sat in your local café.

The template comes in both long and short versions, so you can use it for a stand-alone VSL or as a video supporting your letter.

You even get to see examples of the templates in action, as Colin dissects the videos he used to sell this very course.

Massively Multiply The Advantage Convertri Is Already Giving You

The more people hitting your marketing pages, the more important your copy is.

And with this training, you’re going to nail it.

Just look at some of what you’ll discover inside:

The ‘Viking Velociraptor’ e-mail formula that can hook, engage and drive your prospect… all in 5 lines.

Tip: this formula’s good for far more than driving traffic into your funnel… you can use it for affiliate e-mails, onboarding and relationship-building, because the psychological principles are all the same.


The 7 ‘pillars’ of an evergreen funnel that can support your business for life.  Most people only use 4 of these… which is why they’re missing out on half their possible profit.

The 5 types of giveaway you can use to create a need or desire in your prospect’s mind.  EVERY successful giveaway falls into one of these boxes.

The one HUGE mistake you could be making with your opt-in bribe – if this is happening, it means what should be your biggest asset is actually your worst enemy.

The 3 crucial components to every bullet that turn them into ‘mini-pitches’, instantly driving your sales higher (and yes, this bullet

uses them J)

Ever heard of lagniappe?  Because when you put it in your post-headline, it’s going pump up your conversions so much you’ll be amazed you ever lived without it. 

The ‘obstacle course’ freebie structure that turns your free gift into the world’s most epic presell, stoking their desire and building your authority at the same time.

The e-mail sequence created to make your prospects not just WANT to see your product, but to BEG you for it!

The 8-figure sales page template: with the amount of sales this template has generated, it alone should be valued at $997.  You’ll get it as just one component of this huge package.

Great copywriters don’t close once.  They close at least 3 times, and these key sales drivers are what they’re focusing on.

Discover the secret of the ‘presumptive pitch’: if you can pull this off, it’s one of the most powerful ways yet invented of making sales.  

Revealed: the ‘divine’ sales technique approved by Jesus, and how you can build it into your warm-up e-mails.

Once a prospect has entered your funnel, they’re 70% more likely to buy than a cold prospect.  This training reveals how to maximise your return by milking them for all they’re worth.

There’s 3 types of upsell near-guaranteed to convert better than anything else… you’ll see what they are, when to use them, and most importantly how to sell them.

How to make a high-ticket backend without a product and without a plan (this trick is responsible for a BIG portion of Colin’s own 6-figure near-passive income)

Sometimes, your prospects just won’t buy.  This is how you sell to them anyway.

The 14-point template you can use for any sales video, in any niche

Possibly the most counter-intuitive sales tactic ever… discover how you can sell more of your products by telling people NOT to buy!

The simple trick to holding attention all the way through your video (ever seen The Rocky Horror Show?  They did a song about this)

How to justify your pricing Goldilocks-style, and pick up a lot more customers because of it

The 3 types of limit you can use to drive up the value of your product and make your prospect far more likely to buy

The ‘triple-punch’ opening that captures your viewer’s attention from the very first minute 

How do you convince your prospects that you’ve struggled like they have?  You just include these three things, and they’ll think you’re their long-lost brother.

How to nail the single most crucial moment of your whole video – get this right, and your prospect will give you their undivided attention.  Get it wrong, and you’ve almost certainly lost them.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Work…

This Training Will Make Your Life Easier

Like diving into the detail?

Each course includes a live webinar recording that goes through every stage of the writing process.  What you should write, and how you should write it.


Prefer the big picture? 

You’ll also get a mindmap for each course in both .mm and .pdf format, giving you an immediate overview.  Keep this by your side the next time you need to write that killer page, and you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly what should come next. 


Learn by example? 

Then the example video scripts will show you exactly how the templates work in action.  And these aren’t mock-ups.  They’re real sales videos, they really made sales, and they’re still making sales to this day.

Sounds Good? 

That’s Because It Is. 

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…


Once-In-A-Lifetime Deal

The public price to buy both of these courses is $500.


Even in the Cult Of Copy Facebook Group (which you can access only on Colin’s approval), these courses sell for $200 each.


That means finding them anywhere else will cost you

AT LEAST $400.


Are they worth it?


Ask any one of those people above and the answer will be:

hell yes.


The information here hasn’t just made them hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra sales, it’s made writing copy so much easier.

Now, they don’t have to sit staring at a blank page hoping the words write themselves.

Now, they know exactly how to approach any part of their funnel.

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They just learned from the best.